Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which roads will be affected by Dutch-style roundabout works?
A. Avenue de Chartres, Westgate Road, West Street and Orchard Street

Q. What is a Dutch roundabout?
A. A Dutch-Style Roundabout is a layout which has been specifically built to give priority to people walking and cycling and should lead to safer journeys for all road users, including drivers. Please see the Project Updates tab to see the layout proposed.

Q. When will works start?
A. Works are due to start 3rd June 2024

Q. When will the work finish?
A. work is due to finish early 2025

Q. How will pedestrian access be maintained?
A. Access will be maintained at all times through safe segregation measures

Q. Why are these works taking place?
A. Improvements to the highway network to accommodate an upcoming residential property development. This type of roundabout will improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Q. What work has to be done on each road?
A. The works vary on each section of the scheme, but generally include upgrading drainage, upgrading street lighting, road resurfacing, installing new cycle lanes & road widening.

Q. Will any roads have to be closed during the works?
A. Yes – some roads will have to be closed for short durations to ensure our workforce and the public are kept safe. Please see traffic management page for more details.

Q. When will the works take place? (working hours)
A. Work will typically be undertaken between the hours of 07:30 & 16:30 Monday to Friday. However, in some situations ‘out of hours’ work will be required.

Q. Will works be carried out at evenings or overnight?
Yes – much of our road surfacing and white line painting will be undertaken at night under road closures. Please see traffic management page for details of any upcoming closures or night works.

Q. What disruption can motorists, pedestrians, cyclists or bus passengers expect?
A. There may be some minor disruption while people become familiar with the change in layouts, diversions & temporary traffic lights; but generally, delays and disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Q. Will temporary bus stops be put in place during the work?
A. Yes – we work very closely with local authorities and service providers (including the bus companies) to ensure that full service is maintained, and alternatives provided where required. If we must provide temporary bus stops to undertake work, these will be signed accordingly and arranged with the bus companies.

Q. Will any diversion routes for traffic have to be put in place?
A. Yes – please see traffic management page.

Q. Will there be footway/cycle diversions?
A. Yes – these will be signed locally and wherever safe and possible to do so, we’ll provide the shortest feasible alternative route for pedestrians.

Q. Will access to the Schools be changed or impacted due to the works?
A. there will be minimal impact on schools and colleges. We are striving to undertake all impactful work during school holidays and nights. We will be in continual communication with local schools and colleges to ensure the work we are undertaking does not negatively impact the schools, access to the schools or the safety of their pupils.

Q. Who is my key point of contact?
A. Dan Russell of Mildren Construction on 01202 487480 during office hours, and 07460 266686 out of hours.

Q. Who should I contact in an Emergency?
A. Your first point of contact shall be West Sussex Highways on 01243 642105. If the issue is putting people’s lives in danger, such as objects in the road please contact the emergency services.