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Dutch Style Roundabout – Orchard Street / Westgate Roundabout

The Dutch-style roundabout works will be carried out under live traffic flow – the sequencing of the works has been implemented so that minimal disruption is placed on road users.

The construction sequencing will be carefully managed and monitored as the construction process continues. The phasing and sequencing of the works will initially be for the existing Westgate roundabout footprint to be minimised to allow for work space and also for continual traffic flow. The second phase of works will be to remove the splitter islands on all approaches to the existing roundabout. This process again allows work space and also traffic flow space so that traffic flow is not impeded. Once all the approach islands are removed and temporarily reinstated the build is broken down into zones/quadrants so that new kerb alignments and utilities can be installed. After all zones are completed the final stages of the roundabout will be under closures.

Work is due to start in June 2024 and completion is expected early in 2025.

Please refer to initial comms sent to all local residents below.

WoC Dutch-Style Roundabout May 2024


Previous works to date

Construction of the offsite highway works relating to Phase 1 of the White House Farm residential development commenced in July 2023, and significant progress has been made on the works at Westgate mini-roundabout, Sherborne Road and cycle bypass improvements element of the works on Westgate itself. The works at these locations are nearing completion, with only minor works to complete roadmarkings, footways and final signage to be completed. It is anticipated works will be concluded at these locations by the end of November 2023.

Due to delays in electrical connections to be undertaken to provide the belisha beacons at the new controlled crossings, the works to deliver the final crossings will be completed at a later date. Until the works to provide connections to the beacons can be completed, the white lining including ‘zebra’ crossing markings will not be installed, and only dropped kerbs and tactile paving will be provided at these locations. This is necessary to ensure the safety of users at the proposed crossings. Works to complete the final crossings will be minor and short-term, and advanced notification of works recommencing at these areas will be undertaken in due course to all those likely to be affected.

Following completion of the works at Westgate mini-roundabout and Sherborne Road, construction was due to commence at Westgate Orchard Street roundabout to deliver the planned ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout and associated highways improvements. During the statutory consultation period relating to the proposed works, it was identified a Scheduled Monument Consent (SMC) was required in respect of the registered monument known as ‘Chichester City Walls, The Tower, Orchard Street, Chichester Scheduled Monument’. This consent is required to permit works in and around the SMC and if granted, specifies any constraints on the planned construction works.

The process to secure the SMC and associated Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI) for archaeological monitoring during the construction phase is currently ongoing, and until granted, no works can start at the Westgate Orchard Street roundabout.

The works to deliver the proposed Dutch style roundabout at the Westgate Orchard Street junction have therefore been put on hold until March 2024, in order to ensure the SMC and associated WSI is approved and in place in respect of the delivery of the works, and to ensure the works can be delivered efficiently, effectively and with appropriate measures to protect and preserve the Scheduled Ancient Monument as required. Again, advanced warning of works starting at this location will be undertaken in due course.

It is expected at this time the works to complete the Westgate Orchard Street roundabout alongside the improvements to the existing carriageway block paving within Westgate itself will be completed by the end of 2024, however this is subject to grant of the SMC and any impacts arising from the archaeological watching brief. Completion of these works will conclude the overall package of works required to deliver the planning obligations on the Developer, providing improvements to the existing highway network surrounding the proposed development site at White House Farm.


Description of the works

The project involves 278 works to upgrade and improve existing highway infrastructure associated with the development site at White House Farm, Chichester.

Start date is 10/07/23, and we’ll be starting on Sherborne Rd and Westgate Rd.

The works are to include:

  • Clay Lane Access – Construction of a priority junction to the proposed development site and Clay Lane.
  • Clay Lane/Fishbourne Road East – Junction alterations at the existing junction of Clay Lane with Fishbourne Road East, including widening of the existing junction bell mouth, and associated footway improvements.
  • Sherborne Road Traffic Management – Traffic management works on Sherborne Road, including renewing carriageway markings, introduction of gateway features and carriageway roundels, two new Zebra crossings, two new min-roundabouts and new uncontrolled crossing points.
  • Westgate / Sherborne Road Mini-Roundabout – Pedestrian and cycle improvements at the existing mini-roundabout junction of Sherborne Road and Westgate, including introduction of new uncontrolled pedestrian crossings across the western and southern arms, and new parallel crossings across the northern and eastern arms.
  • Westgate / Orchard Street Roundabout – Construction of a Dutch-style roundabout to replace the existing roundabout at the Westgate/Orchard Street (A286)/Avenue De Chartres (A286)/West Street junction, including improved non-motorised user provision throughout, narrowing of the circulatory carriageway to incorporate the perimeter 2m cycleway, removal/relocation of existing controlled crossings on the Orchard Street and Avenue de Chartres arms and realignment of the existing layby adjacent to the Chichester Inn.