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How can I access my property during the works?

Pedestrian access will be available at all times. Vehicle and delivery access will be disrupted. You can help us by completing the questionnaire, the more information you can give us the better.

Works are to be built in around 100m lengths. This work zone will be limited to works vehicles only. Outside of the work zone access and parking zones will be created to ensure the contractor has access to the works and local residents and businesses can park and receive deliveries. Temporary space for turning and reversing vehicles will also need to be provided.

Will all the roads be closed?

Roads are expected to be closed for through traffic between junctions. Diversion routes and access points will be posted via the scheme website and site notice boards during the works.

What arrangements are you making for the buses including community and school buses?

The Council is currently consulting with the local public bus operators, including school buses. Further details will be posted via the scheme website and site notice boards during the works.

Why not just lower the road?

The possibility of lowering the road was thoroughly examined but it was too expensive as it would require the diversions of a large number of services located underneath the carriageway and the footpaths.

What happens if it floods during the works?

It all depends on the severity of the flood. If the flood is manageable enough, then pumps will be employed by the contractor. The works will need to be temporarily suspended if not.

Will we still be able to pump out our cellars onto the road whilst the works are being carried out?

Only if water reaches the level where pumping is allowed, in which case works will be suspended to enable pumping. Otherwise pumping will not be permitted while works are under way due to health and safety reasons.

When you cut the utilities and foul drainage how long will it be for?

Replacement pipes and cables will be installed next to the existing so that when they are transferred the time will be as short as possible. You will be notified before the works happen on your property.