Hambledon Primary School Special

January 27th 2016

Dear Parents and children,

Next week we hope to reopen the B2150 to through traffic. At the same time, we will close part of Upper West Street between the junction and the Village Hall.
Parents approaching the school from Droxford, Denmead, Worlds End, Knowle, Wickham, Swanmore, Newtown and Meonstoke etc, will be encouraged to park in Stewarts Green (on Green Lane 200m from the junction towards Droxford). The footpath from Stewarts Green to the church car park will have been improved to enable you to use this route to safely access the school.

The residents of Stewarts Green have been advised of this temporary arrangement while the ‘big pipe’ work takes place and we are grateful to them for their cooperation. We are keen to minimise any inconvenience so please do not park in front of garage entrances or driveways. Thank you.

If you have any specific concerns, please contact Donna Crangle at Mildren on 02392 632697.

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