Bus Route Moves Back to The Gardens and Temporary Car Park Opens

May 1st 2016

The BIG PIPE in the section of West Street between the Village Hall and The Gardens is now nearing completion. This will mean that on Monday 23rd May the buses will again turn at The Gardens. On the same day a temporary car park will open at the top of Vicarage Lane. This car park will be for local residents in the High Street and East Street area who are affected while the Big Pipe work is being undertaken in those areas. We would ask everyone using the car park to drive carefully and considerately.

Access to the Village Hall, The Vine Public House and The Gardens will continue to be from the Green Lane junction.

We are keen to minimise any inconvenience to local businesses and residents, so if you have any specific concerns, please raise these with the contractor as the works progress. Please contact Donna Crangle at Mildren on 02392 632697.

We will be providing a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ facility at the Village Hall on the second Monday of each month between 3.30 and 6.00pm, where you will be able to call in and ask us any questions about the scheme. The next meeting is on Monday 13th June 2016.

You can find out more about the Hambledon Flood Alleviation Scheme at: www.hants.gov.uk/hambledon-flood-alleviation. Or if you have specific questions, email hambledon@hants.gov.uk or call 0300 555 1388

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