Guildford Park Road Enabling Works – Newsletter 5

Mildren Construction Community Website
May 14th 2018

Welcome to our fifth Newsletter to tell you about our works. We will publish updates every 2 weeks, and as work progresses will include photos.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note; any dates given are subject to change as per the construction programme.

Outline of works

  • Drainage (both surface water and foul).
  • Construction of brick clad concrete retaining walls.
  • Installation of below ground services.
  • Forming of new roads and footways.
  • Reinforced earth bank retention.

Progress last 2 weeks

  • Continue new ducting installation and construction of drawpits for service diversions.
  • Full depth reconstruction of Guildford Park Church Road footpath

Work next 2 weeks

  • Utility contractors to commence their infrastructure works at Guildford Park Church and existing car park.


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