Eastbourne Town Centre – Newsletter 5

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March 11th 2019

Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme

Welcome to our fifth Newsletter to tell you about our works.

Progress to date

Terminus Road East

  • Works continued in the period to complete the paving of the main entrance to the Beacon
  • Works to the south side of Terminus Road East / Gildredge junction commenced with buses running over the new granite.

Terminus Road West

  • Continue laying granite to the carriageway.
  • Completed footway works into Grove Road
  • Footway works outside of the station in Ashford Road continued ahead of programme

Gildredge Road

  • Works continued to replace the kerbs in Gildredge Road and continued footway reconstruction east side
  • Surface course laid on the footway between Lushington and Hyde Gardens
  • Bus shelter bases installed in Ivy Terrace and the paving is nearing completion.

Cornfields Road Southern, West Side

  • Work continued to replace the kerbs and paving to the West of Cornfield between Lushington and Hyde Road

Works for the next period

Terminus Road East

  • Continue works to southern side of Terminus Road East outside of London And County PH.

Terminus Road West

  • Continue with carriageway construction works
  • Continue footway reconstruction outside the station

Gildredge Road

  • Continue reconstruction of the footways and kerbs to the east side

Cornfields Road Southern

  • Complete granite paving to the west side of Lushington and Hyde Gardens and move the traffic to allow full depth reconstruction on the east side
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