Description of the works

June 1st 2023

The project involves 278 works to upgrade and improve existing highway infrastructure associated with the development site at White House Farm, Chichester.

The works are to include:

  • Clay Lane Access – Construction of a priority junction to the proposed development site and Clay Lane.
  • Clay Lane/Fishbourne Road East – Junction alterations at the existing junction of Clay Lane with Fishbourne Road East, including widening of the existing junction bell mouth, and associated footway improvements.
  • Sherborne Road Traffic Management – Traffic management works on Sherborne Road, including renewing carriageway markings, introduction of gateway features and carriageway roundels, two new Zebra crossings, two new min-roundabouts and new uncontrolled crossing points.
  • Westgate / Sherborne Road Mini-Roundabout – Pedestrian and cycle improvements at the existing mini-roundabout junction of Sherborne Road and Westgate, including introduction of new uncontrolled pedestrian crossings across the western and southern arms, and new parallel crossings across the northern and eastern arms.
  • Westgate / Orchard Street Roundabout – Construction of a Dutch-style roundabout to replace the existing roundabout at the Westgate/Orchard Street (A286)/Avenue De Chartres (A286)/West Street junction, including improved non-motorised user provision throughout, narrowing of the circulatory carriageway to incorporate the perimeter 2m cycleway, removal/relocation of existing controlled crossings on the Orchard Street and Avenue de Chartres arms and realignment of the existing layby adjacent to the Chichester Inn.
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