Townside Hunger Hill Improvements – Newsletter 3

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January 7th 2019

Welcome to our third Newsletter to tell you about our works.

We hope you had a Great Christmas and wish you a happy and successful 2019

One of our first priorities this year is to re-position the cones and signage that we reduced for the Christmas break. This allows us access at off peak times to areas we need to work on and protects the public from us and us from the public!

Once we have this back in place we can concentrate on the final steps before switching to the new traffic layout on Sunday 20th January.

We have a few sockets left to install for the new traffic signal poles, namely on the Holes Bay Road approach outside the old Animal Offices and one on a new island in the centre of the new junction. These sockets are currently in live carriageways so we have left them until the last minute as once in position we will need to keep one lane closed permanently until the 20th switch over. Once switched traffic lanes will be moved out away from the current verge around the Animal Offices to their permanent new alignments which will enable us to construct the new kerb line here.

Siemens have the new traffic signals system to set up and test prior to the 20th so will be pulling new cables through our ducts and installing new traffic signal poles.

We are continuing work on the new central reservation on the Holes Bay Road approach. This includes new road gully drainage, power cable ducts and signals ducts, and of course the new kerbs and central reservation infill. All the material we had planed out of the Holes Bay Road approach central reservation was stockpiled in the centre of the old roundabout. We can use this planed tarmac to form a base on new footpaths and for filling islands so recycling where we can.

Also further works to provide the new footpath and crossing point from West Street Junction over to Asda.

West Street Approach works continue with the current island and crossing point that restricts traffic down to one lane on the Hunger Hill approach being removed. This will allow 2 lanes of traffic to exit Hunger Hill junction onto West Street after the 20th Jan when West Street becomes one way.

We will continue where possible on the new Dear Hay Lane link but are limited to what we can do here until after the 20th once part of the old Roundabout becomes closed to traffic.

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