Project Complete
Bubb Lane: Mildren Traffic Management Alteration
Allington Lane Road Closure 23rd February 2021

We are closing Allington Lane on the 23rd February at 8pm the road will reopen on the 24th February at 6am.

This work is for the final wearing course of new Allington Lane. Please note this work is weather dependant and maybe cancelled at short notice.

allington road closure january 2021 DR final wearing course

Horton Heath Works Update

Horton Heath Segment 1 – Works currently include:

  • 1 gang in farmers field constructing drainage works ,forming reservoir and installing downstream defender
  • 2nd gang drainage works to alleviate moisture within carriageway ie.filter drains between carriageway and Burnetts lane residents south of Chalcroft Business Park.
  • 3rd Gang installing drainage Bubb Lane end and working towards Burnetts Lane.
  • 4th Gang installing capping to footpath and structural road widening.
  • 5th Gang installing drainage connections of filter drains across link road.

Segment 2  – works currently include:

  • Earthworks for new carriage way complete
  • New carriageway and roundabout cut, filled and built to underside of subbase- including kerbing works
  • New surface water drainage works  80% complete
  • Wildlife tunnel installed for the safety of creatures wanting to cross the road
  • Earthworks and holding pond excavated and shaped
  • New utilities ducting currently being installed
  • New shared footway/cycleway currently in progress

Works coming up/coming weeks

  • Subbase to new carriageway
  • Asphalt to new carriageway
  • Continuation with footway/cycleway works
  • Continuation with new utility installations
  • Traffic diversion to allow works outside of main site, footways, access to properties drainage culverts.
  • Lighting column installation
  • Earthworks for ponds and landscaping (natural habitat area)
Week 3

Segment 2 works – drainage works will continue for next 2 weeks, we have 2 gangs occupying this area  the reservoir within segment 2 and all drainage runs lead to this reservoir, we will be working back from this so that if there is rain there will be a means of capturing this water. There are 64 gulleys which will keep gangs busy for a while.

Segment 1 works– main earthworks is still ongoing and looking to finish to formation mid next week, concurrently we have 1 gang forming the reservoir on Bubb Lane end. As of next week there will be 2 gangs doing drainage, 1 gang on Bubb Lane side and another to start forming reservoir on Chalcroft Farm.

Week 2

We have engineers on site setting out the road alignment in segment 2, groundworkers will be creating an access road from Allington lane into the works area. Site set up continues with water and electricity being connected. Tree protection will be installed initially in segment 2 then when complete, in section 1. We have 6 weeks of earthworks starting this week with the delivery of some large plant.

Week 1

We are currently setting the site up and creating access points and ensuring all tree and environmental protection is in place.