Monday 29 June 2020

Current works ongoing:

Segment 1
Gas diversion underway at segment 1, we are looking at mobilising a site office and welfare facilities at segment 1. Whilst the top soil strip is still underway within the main works area field, once top soil strip is finished we will look at carrying out cut/fill within segment 1, this will take 3 weeks from today.

Site engineers will be carrying out the setting out requirements for segment 1 prior to the large plant moving in. We hope to move the large plant as soon as SGN gas works is finished.

Segment 2
With regard to segment 2, we have finished the cut within this segment and look to start placing the road box/road construction. Large amounts of lorries will be coming through the Chalcroft business park entrance area, but will not effect their operations.

Procurement of drainage materials within segment 2 is underway and we are looking at taking delivery of the entire segments drainage next week.

12 June 2020

Next 2 weeks:

  • We will start top soil strip and earthworks in both sections.
  • In the coming weeks, SGN will be on site to at Burnetts lane for gas work at segment 1.