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Dates for February and March 2019

All closures maybe subject to change due to weather.

Westbound Closures

1. Sampford Peverell to Gornhay: 9th February 2019 – 8pm to 1am (there is also a closure on the Eastbound carriageway – see Eastbound Closures section below)

2. J27 to Gornhay: 4th AND 5th March 2019 – 8pm to 6am

3. Sampford Peverell to Gornhay: 6th -8th March 2019 – 8pm to 6am

4. Sampford Peverell to Gornhay: 11th March 2019 – 7pm to 12am

5. J27 to Gornhay: 14th to 15th March – 8pm to 6am

Eastbound Closures

  1. Gornhay to Sampford Peverell: Sunday 10th February 2019 – 1am to 6am

2. Gornhay to Sampford Peverell: 26-28th February – 7pm to 7am

3. Gornhay to J27: 1st March 2019 – 7pm to 7am

4. Gornhay to Sampford Peverell: 11th March 2019 – 12am to 7am

5. J27 to Gornhay: 12th AND 13th March 2019 – 7pm to 7am